The Company

Emmright LLC is a consulting firm based in Rochester, MN. The company was founded in 2017 with the desire to help organizations operate efficiently and effectively. The idea was conceived in 2010 during Ayodeji Oyebola’s last class of his Master’s program. He understood that “every activity in the organization is a process, while the effectiveness of the organization depends on the efficiency of the process.” This developed his interest in organizational consulting and process improvement.

The idea was turned into action in collaboration with some of his colleagues. They see how many organizations are struggling to fulfill their potential due to redundancies in their processes. The ineffectiveness of many organizational systems is leading to waste thus leading to unsustainability. This is disheartening as the beautiful dreams of many business owners are being crushed.

At Emmright LLC, we believe that every organization irrespective of the size and function is a system. The effectiveness of the system determines the productivity and growth of the organization. We help organizations fulfill their potential by creating effective systems that reduce cost and improves profitability while providing quality services. We analyze every area of the organization to identify underlying issues and opportunities. We combine every organizational variable to create sustainable and profitable systems for our clients.

Our Vision, Mission & Values


Our Vision is to become the premier management consulting agency that adds value to businesses and individuals.


Our Mission is to help people do what they do in the right way to get the right results.


Doing things right starts with us and our values. We Value and love people and are committed to their goals and objectives.

Our Motivation


We believe that people are the cornerstone of our organization. We value our clients, employees, partners, friends, and the community as a whole. We see the good in humanity because without people there is no organization. That is why we are invested in the growth and development of people so that they can fulfill their potential. We believe in Kant’s principle of not treating people as a means to an end but an end in themselves.


The people around us trust us to add value to their lives and businesses. We are committed to the people and we will do everything within our capacity to ensure that we fulfill our promises. We are passionate about the success of our people and we are committed to putting smiles on their faces.


Love is the greatest thing in life. Our business is established on the love of God and humanity. Our view in this organization is guided by the love of God towards human beings as well as his commandment of loving our neighbors as ourselves. That is why we are committed to the people and put human development at the center of our business. We do what we do because of the love for our clients and everyone around us. We establish our organization as a family and we welcome everyone to be part of this happy family.